Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day

Holidays are hard when you're dealing with food allergies. There is a lot of emphasis put on, and tradition based on, food and not much of it is soy based analogs. With every holiday comes the class party where food is served, presents are given (many food related), and of course there is candy, usually chocolate (of the milk variety since most 3 year olds aren't into the dark stuff.) As everyone knows the best defense is a good offense so I always find out what is being served at the party and bring him something similar he can eat. I also make him some sort of sweet so he does not feel deprived of the fun. I can not control at all  what people give him as a present though. Valentines Day is a holiday, like Halloween where well meaning people hand my child a figurative loaded gun. I try my hardest to give things that almost anyone can have. This year I have discovered Pintrest and so I had an endless supply of ideas for non-candy valentines.  For the kids in his playgroup and his class I made these:

I found these on Pintrest, of course, but they came from a great blog called Zakka Life . The thing that is supposed to look like a planet is a glow in the dark bouncy ball. I hope that's just as exciting as a piece of candy.

For his teachers we made these:

I got the idea for these from the blog E is for Explore! . They turned the flowers into a wreath, but I didn't have that kind of time or patience so I thought the flowers would be flowers and we went on a walk and picked up sticks that we painted green and I hot glued to the flowers Pat (and I) painted. Then I just used one of those jars that I hoard and glued some ribbon to it and used a printable manila tag I got from Creature Comforts blog .

I feel good about the fact that I'm not giving out candy. I wanted to do it for Halloween but my husband vetoed that plan. He did not want to be THAT house. Don't get me wrong, I am the first to admit that I show love/gratitude/joy with food. It's ingrained in us, but I'm trying everyday, to show people in some other way, that I care for them.

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